AIOps automates insights for rapid alerting, incident detection, correlation, and resolution.

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Instantly detect anomalies.

Easily reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) with automatic issue detection. 

Correlate incidents icon
Correlate incidents in seconds.

Combine related incidents as one issue for faster mean time to identify (MTTI).

Identify root causes icon
Quickly identify root causes.

Cut your mean time to resolve (MTTR) by seeing root cause and related services.

Alert respond icon
Alert, resolve, respond.

Collaborate with teams in real time with contextual notifications.

Automatically surface anomalies.

  • Get notified immediately when app performance differs from baseline.   
  • Customize anomaly alerts for any NRQL condition and threshold. 
  • Automate team notifications for anomalies and trigger remediation tactics.
New Relic dashboard displaying traffic monitoring
Layered graphics showing a person and dashboard data

Easily correlate incidents.

  • Combine similar incidents into a single issue for simpler troubleshooting.   
  • Customize automatic incident correlation with our decisions engine. 
  • Easily identify affected services across the full stack and take action.

Put alerts in context.

  • Configure alert policies with specific notifications with New Relic workflows. 
  • Collaborate in real time with email, SMS, Slack, and more.
  • Auto-update tickets in tools like ServiceNow and Jira during incident response.
Layered graphics showing alerts in context
Layered graphics displaying root cause analysis

Make root cause analysis simple.

  • Automatically see why issues happen, and which systems are impacted.  
  • Stop guessing and connect incidents to deployments, errors, logs, and more.
  • Build post-incident reports with detailed root cause and response history.

Gett reduces MTTR by 50%

New Relic is now my No. 1 tool for incident management, both in how it helps manage every service, and creates the notification channels to be directed to the actual engineer who owns the service. Fine-tuning alerts minimizes mean time to detect from five to under two minutes, due to those specific alerts from New Relic.

30+ capabilities. One platform.
One price.

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