Why teams choose New Relic.

Up to 3x more value with predictable, usage-based pricing.
Solve problems faster on a unified platform.
Ensure apps are always up and running.

One platform. One price.
Full-stack observability. 

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Get up to 3x the value.
  • Save more with predictable usage-based pricing. 
  • Avoid overage fees and high minimums.
  • Up to 1-hour critical initial support response SLA.
  • 100 GB free with every plan.
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Get 30+ tools, all included.
  • Get a live, in-depth view of your network, infrastructure, applications, end-user experience, and more. 
  • Every tool included with every plan.
  • Simple, transparent pricing.
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Forget complex pricing.
  • No overage penalties.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No counting containers, hosts, or functions.
  • No billing headaches.
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No contest.

  New Relic Datadog
750+ integrations across every popular tool and service.
30+ observability tools in one with every plan (APM, infra monitoring, real user monitoring, and more).

Pricing varies per product and plan.*

Predictable usage-based pricing for up to 3x more value.

Pay one predictable price per GB, no matter the scale.

Overage premiums for volume spikes.*

Unlimited containers-per-host included on every plan.

Additional cost per container beyond agent monthly limit.*

30-day log retention included.

Additional $2.50/m log events each month.*

No overage penalties for logs ingestion.

+50% overage premium if monthly volume exceeds contract.*

No peak usage billing for data.

Highwater mark billing for application and infrastructure monitoring.*

100 GB of data free every month for all data types forever (unlimited dashboards, queries, and alerts).

14-day free trial available.*

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All dollar amounts are in USD. Please refer to Side-by-Side Comparison and the linked spreadsheet for additional details and assumptions regarding cost-savings calculations. Comparisons are for illustrative purposes only, and your actual costs are dependent on many factors such as number of users and ingested data in New Relic. Prices, including ones provided as a promotion, are subject to change. The relative value calculations in these tables are based upon the additional New Relic users and data that could be purchased with the cost savings reflected in these scenarios. The New Relic data ingest cost (standard retention) was updated on May 8, 2022, based on ingest pricing updates. The percentage of basic users increased to 30% based on updated averages.

* Companies shown are New Relic customers. They are not affiliated with Datadog, and are not a part of any side-side comparison between Datadog and New Relic.

* See Datadog pricing docs for comparison information: https://docs.datadoghq.com/account_management/billing/pricing/