Advanced capabilities for more effective development and operations

Features like distributed tracing, error profiles, alerting, and applied intelligence accelerates root cause analysis and can help you pinpoint thorny issues and fix them fast. And out-of-the-box visualizations can help you manage complex container and application deployments on Pivotal Application Service (PAS) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS).

Simplify container deployments on Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

Kubernetes Cluster Explorer helps visualize complex container and application deployments with pre-built dashboards and help correlate metrics and relationships across all entities - clusters, nodes, pods, containers and applications.

Track Pivotal’s “5S” metrics in real time

Curated dashboards make it easy to monitor your Speed, Stability, Scalability, Security, and Savings. You can customize by audience and teams, optimize around specific SLAs, showcase ROI, get sponsorship for new initiatives and investments, and demonstrably prove the business value of your PCF transformation.

Accelerate and scale your most important initiatives

Benchmark and optimize performance as you onboard new applications and business services to PCF. With team-specific KPIs and health metrics, you can embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies, accelerate continuous integration and delivery deploys, and ensure success for your business transformation.

Complete visibility for your PCF journey

With detailed metrics and ready-to-go dashboards, New Relic lets you manage and optimize your PCF environment—from the end-user experience to your applications, microservices, containers, and cloud infrastructure. No matter where you are in your cloud native transformation, you can correct issues fast, accelerate deployments, and ensure better business outcomes.

Plan better

Get more intel during assessments, proofs of concept, and Dojo courses.

Deploy faster and more often

Deliver more successful apps more frequently with better automation.

Run smarter ops

Ensure more stable, reliable systems and better customer experiences.

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Getting started with New Relic for PCF

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Install the New Relic Firehouse Nozzle

Start piping data by installing the New Relic Nozzle for PCF 

Deploy the New Relic Service Broker

Bind everything together with the New Relic Service Broker for PCF. 

Monitor and measure your way to successful digital transformations

Discover how Pivotal and New Relic can help you accelerate application delivery processes, connect overall performance to business outcomes, and understand the impact of your modernization efforts.

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