Why become a Secure Developer?

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Get empowered

Gain tools, resources, and access to security roadmap sessions and product teams.

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Meet security-minded devs

Connect with Secure Developers and New Relic resources to share knowledge and community.

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Learn from experts

Pick up techniques and insights on how to embed security into your processes and culture.

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Enjoy free swag

Enjoy exclusive New Relic Secure Developer swag and access to community events.

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Minimize tasks and increase predictability.

Live life with less stress.

Proactively know your risks, get real-time alerts to zero-day vulnerabilities, skip noisy code scanners, and receive continuous reports on the state of your components. Now you’re a hero for detecting and fixing vulnerabilities early. This is the way of a Secure Developer.

Code to cloud without worries.

Secure Developers just sleep better. Continuous assessment of application risks and zero-days, automated proof-of-exploit tests that tag apps and APIs, and simplified collaboration with security teams delete stress to make coding fun again.

Eliminate the friction and reduce technical debt.

Faster dev velocity.

Secure Developers gain velocity and lose toil. They prevent most surprise security tickets, false positives, and vulnerabilities that need patching. Securing apps is an automated workflow. Risks go away and life is great.

Quickly fix zero-day risks.

As applications age, new baseline library vulnerabilities associated with multiple entities grow, increasing costly technical debt and forcing rewrites of apps. But for the Secure Developer who keeps up with the state of components and updates painlessly, debt is always paid.

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Resources for the Secure Developer

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Get started as a Secure Developer today.

Try New Relic application security tools—IAST and Vulnerability Management—today.

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