Keep your existing Open Source solutions.

Today’s distributed environments are complex enough. Say goodbye to complicated, multiple Open Source infrastructure requirements, special training, and maintenance issues. Because New Relic One integrates with your existing OSS, you get end-to-end visibility, easy scalability, and better performance to detect and resolve issues faster.

No data silos. No blind spots.

Using multiple siloed open source tools to monitor your telemetry data creates a disconnected view of the truth, and lots of toil to troubleshoot an issue. New Relic One connects all of your telemetry data on one platform. Now you can see your entire system’s performance in context to know what’s really happening, and solve issues before they become problems.

Instrument once, analyze everything on a single platform

With New Relic Open Telemetry integration bundles and exporters you can instrument your stack with out-of-the-box ease. Our integrations are built with open-source libraries to report data from telemetry tools right to your New Relic account, so you quickly get the data you need to keep your applications and services running at peak performance.

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Learn how to simplify data ingestion across all your Open Source solutions with New Relic.

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