What is Pathpoint?

Business observability app to merge customer, product, and services paths, into a single journey.

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Any customer journey, process flow, and even group activity with accuracy.

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Stage by stage through complex builds, actions, and user scenarios with ease.


Every step of the business process for optional and simultaneous changes and activities.


The very touchpoint behind the issue, right down to the specific tool, service, or function. No more guessing!

Retail and Digital Commerce

Promos > Products > Payments > Pickups + Deliveries

  • View customer browsing, product selection, checkout, and post-sale activities.
  • Track page load times, search queries, and payment processing times.
  • Monitor applications, systems, transactions, web services, and users that support each step of the journey.
Checkout via mobile phone
Person watching media on a laptop
Streaming Media

Device > App > CDN > Catalog > Play

  • Track device types, operating systems, and versions to optimize streaming media delivery and playback for different devices.
  • Monitor content delivery response times, cache hits, and throughput to ensure quick and reliable content delivery to viewers.
  • Analyze quality buffering events, rebuffering ratios, and startup time to clearly understand viewer experience.
  • Track user engagement clicks, views, and shares.
Fintech and Banking

Onboarding > Verification > Activation > Accounts > Transactions

Monitor for

  • Account opening: Application time, document verification, and account activation.
  • Payment transactions: Payment method, amount, and processing time.
  • Security and fraud: Logins, password changes, and fraud alerts.
  • Transactions: Payment amounts, types, and processing times.
  • Customer support: Call logs, chat conversations, and emails.
People at a bank discussing bank stuff
Person wearing a virtual reality headset

Device > Purchase > Match > Play > Repeat

Keep track of

  • Game performance: Frame rates, response times, and latency.
  • Multiplayer experience: Connections, disconnections, and player actions.
  • In-game purchases: History, transaction amounts, and processing times.
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