Instant visibility into clusters, infrastructure, and workloads.

track icon
Track cluster resources.

See it all—memory, CPU, storage, and networking across nodes and pods.

Analyze icon
Analyze cluster services.

Understand the performance of services such as ArgoCD, CoreDNS, Redis, and more.  

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Know resource health at a glance.

Monitor right out of the box with pre-built dashboards and alerting. 

visualize icon
Visualize data in Grafana.

Use open source charts, graphs, and alerts for Prometheus metrics.


Start fast, get insights even faster.

  • Automatically collect Kubernetes performance metrics from ArgoCD, CoreDNS, NGINX, Redis, Calico, and more. 
  • Use pre-built dashboards and alerting policies to analyze clusters and services—no manual setup. 
  • Delete data silos—analyze, collaborate, and alert on Prometheus data and telemetry in one view. 
  • See and alert on all your Prometheus data, even if you prefer to work in Grafana.
Integrations working with New Relic showing graphs and charts
A single user on a laptop, with an illustration of two Prometheus logos sending data to a New Relic database

Get long-term data storage, all in one place.

  • Combine data from all of your Prometheus servers on a single observability platform. 
  • Dial down local resources with 13 months of retention in New Relic. 
  • Easily send Prometheus metrics to Grafana to view using your existing dashboards.

Take control of every byte of your Prometheus data.

  • Readily adjust per-target scraping intervals to suit your observability needs.  
  • Effortlessly reduce ingest by filtering metrics or removing labels. 
  • Monitor services more efficiently using service discovery or static targets.  
  • Scale vertically and horizontally using Prometheus agent mode with agent sharding.
Two Prometheus logos: One illustrates data “turned up,” the other shows data “turned down.”

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Dig into Prometheus resources.

Two developers working to diagnose a problem using Prometheus monitoring

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