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The Azure Native New Relic Service.

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Keep telemetry in Azure.

Store your telemetry data in Azure and nowhere else. 

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Onboard fast.

Integration, agents, logging, and metrics all in the Azure Portal.

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Subscribe in the Azure Marketplace.

Retire Azure committed contract spend and consolidate billing.

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Gain cloud observability.

Benefit from end-to-end observability for success in Azure.


Take control of your data.

  • Your telemetry data is stored in Azure.
  • New Relic built on Azure. 
  • The platform scales with your needs.
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Start Quickly

Rapid onboarding in the Azure Portal.

  • New Relic-Azure integration.
  • Install infrastructure agents via Site Extensions.
  • Install .NET and Java language agents via App Service Extensions.
  • Manage which services you monitor.
  • Send metrics, events, logs, and traces to New Relic.
One-stop shop

Find us in the Azure Marketplace.

  • Set up a free account or purchase New Relic through the Azure Marketplace.
  • Retire Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) spend.
  • Consolidate your Azure and New Relic billing through your Azure account.
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Cloud monitoring

Azure and New Relic: Better together.

  • New Relic gives you end-to-end Azure observability.
  • Single data platform for all metrics, events, logs, and traces.
  • Visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot your entire Azure environment and application architecture.

Ready to start?
Install agents and set up integrations.

Subscribing through Azure? Configure your services through the Azure portal. Going through New Relic or looking for more integrations? See all 750+ quickstart integrations.

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