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All-in-one observability platform for OpenTelemetry.

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Get flexible instrumentation.

Instrument once with OpenTelemetry and analyze everything on a single platform.

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Use a secure, scalable, and open platform.

Have a unified backend to host telemetry data from any source.

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See across apps and services.

See the request flow through microservices from any instrumentation source.

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Pay only for what you use.

Get full access to all tools with simple, transparent pricing and industry leading free tier.

See how OpenTelemetry works
seamlessly with New Relic.


Easily ingest your telemetry with native OpenTelemetry support.

  • Choose from OpenTelemetry software development kits (SDKs) or the OpenTelemetry Collector.
  • Get support for OpenTelemetry Protocol  (OTLP) traffic over gRPC HTTP/1.1
  • Quickly do managed, tail-based sampling with New Relic Infinite Tracing.
Service map showing all dependencies along with metrics and logs
Distributed trace view showing services instrumented with OpenTelemetery working seamlessly with those instrumented

OpenTelemetry or New Relic agents. The choice is yours.

  • Pick the instrumentation source that suits your workload and availability of evolving OpenTelemetry. 
  • Services instrumented with OpenTelemetry and New Relic agents work together seamlessly.
  • Quickly and easily observe all your data with one connected experience.

Correlate all data to find and fix issues fast.

  • See your entire stack’s performance in any context. 
  • From logs and distributed tracing to transactions, have your choice of relevant data views. 
  • Quickly debug and deliver optimum performance for all your applications.
Error tracking page showing the stack trace, distributed traces and in-context log entities to quickly troubleshoot an issue.
OpenSource web page showing all external open source projects that New Relic supports

Open up the future of instrumentation.

  • New Relic is an OpenTelemetry Adoption Partner, making it easier to instrument everything. 
  • We have dedicated engineering resources to accelerate OpenTelemetry accessibility.
  • Join us for an open discussion in our CNCF Slack channel or Explorers Hub.

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