Conquer cloud complexity with New Relic and AWS.

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Capture AWS data in one place.

Instantly see service telemetry data to find and fix issues faster.

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Troubleshoot your entire cloud environment.

Know dependencies across infrastructure, apps, and end users.

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Easily rightsize your services.

Fine-tune resources based on key performance indicators.

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Achieve faster cloud migration.

Newcomer or cloud native, easily scale to meet your needs.


Less time spent deploying cloud applications.


Cost savings by fast rightsizing the AWS infrastructure.


ROI with a fully connected AWS environment.

Spotlight: A deeper dive into New Relic for AWS.


Get telemetry data instantly. Fix issues immediately.

  • Collect, explore, and alert on all your AWS telemetry in one place. 
  • See when events happen in real time and respond before they affect your customer experience.
  • Know the state of your entire system, at all times—no more surprise events. 
  • Start monitoring AWS like a pro, right out of the box with our quickstart integrations.
Architecture of Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams and the path telemetry takes from AWS services to New Relic
Visual map showing connectivity of applications, infrastructure, and the end-user experience.

See data in context across your environment.

  • See relationships and dependencies across your cloud infrastructure, applications, and end users.   
  • Know system-wide health across hosts, cloud resources, containers, services, and applications. 
  • Quickly pinpoint issues in both the AWS Cloud and on-prem.

Uncover under- or over-utilized services—and save.

  • Calibrate cloud services for top performance, availability, and scalability. 
  • Easily pinpoint the best instance type based on real usage.  
  • Quickly and precisely measure the impact of issues, and find ways to work more efficiently.
  • Correlate app and end-user experience metrics with AWS service metrics. 
Screen of infrastructure dashboard showing instances that are underutilized
Screen with dashboard that tracks the progress of cloud migration.

Plan, migrate, modernize. A roadmap for every stage.

  • Use the Cloud Observability Framework to know the what, why, and how for a successful cloud strategy.
  • Accelerate migration and reduce risk with measurements across the environment, at every stage.
  • Meet changing business opportunities with data-driven decisions on how to evolve your applications.  
  • Scale quickly and easily, and lower costs based on real-time analytics and KPIs.

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