Get your free continuous website performance tracking dashboard.

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Catch outages faster.

Don’t wait for customers to complain. Identify and fix issues faster with active monitoring.

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Boost SEO and traffic.

Integrated Lighthouse monitoring tracks what search engines value, boosting performance.

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Easily benchmark web vitals.

Compare against industry standards to spot underperforming pages in a snap.

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Save time and effort.

No more manual one-off snapshots. Automate checks at any scale.


Speedy sites attract more users and revenue.


increase in conversion for every 1 second of improved load time


lower page abandonment on sites meeting Core Web Vitals thresholds


advertising revenue increase by improving Core Web Vitals


Expert-level insights without the expert set up.

  • No-code, turn-key solution to track web page performance on a continuous basis.
  • No more manual checks. Just enter your URL once and see how your site performs over time.
  • Proactively monitor as many pages as you want.
Website performance metric graphs

Spot and solve issues before they hurt your business.

  • Automated alerts for page down and broken links.
  • Scheduled website checks for continuous active monitoring.
  • Test web performance from multiple locations.

Learn how to improve UX and SEO.

  • Get a dashboard with key metrics, like Google’s Core Web Vitals, to understand why pages are broken or slow. 
  • Get explanations of the metrics and how they tie into user engagement and business performance.
  • See recommendations for best practices and how to troubleshoot.
Website-speed metrics and explanations

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$349/user (for annual commitments)

$418.80/user (for monthly pay as you go)
 Checks included Free


Equivalent to 3 pages 1 time a day

Standard10,000 Pro1,000,000
 Overage cost beyond free limit FreeUpgrade to standard to get more checks Standard½ cent per check Pro

½ cent per check

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Website Performance Monitoring FAQs

New Relic website performance monitoring (WPM) is powered by our synthetic monitoring technology. Enter a URL and we launch a set of synthetics minions, or automated bots, to measure things like page availability, Core Web Vitals, page and content load, broken links, and SSL certificate validity.

By default, we launch:

  • Three (3) downtime monitors, from different geolocations (which do not count towards your limit). 
  • One (1) broken links monitor.
  • Three (3) simple browser monitors—one from each geolocation.
  • One (1) Core Web Vitals monitor; this only runs when you add your Google PageSpeed Insights API key.

You get 500 checks every month for free. Using the default settings, this is equivalent to three pages checked once a day from three locations.

By providing your credit card number, you unlock 10,000 free checks every month.

Beyond the free limit, each additional check costs a ½ cent. Additional pricing information can be found under the synthetic monitoring section on our list price page.

At this time, we only monitor from any of the 12 public geolocations.

Error codes in the Broken Links section are common browser response error codes:

  • 400 Bad Request
  • 401 Unauthorized: the page requires a password to access
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 404 Not Found: the page doesn’t exist
  • 500 Internal Server Error (server side)
  • 501 Not Implemented (server side)
  • 502 Bad Gateway (server side)
  • 503 Service Unavailable (server side)
  • 504 Gateway Timeout (server side)

See the full list of error codes at List of HTTP status codes.

Use the “Add user” menu item on the bottom-left corner of your screen to add/invite a new user.

This could happen for any of the following reasons:

  • In some cases, the data might not be available when a synthetic check is performed.
  • The free limit of 500 checks is exhausted and the monitors are paused. 
  • There are no monitored checks in the date/time range that you’ve selected.

At this time, New Relic WPM only simulates a desktop view.