See the future of AI monitoring.

Why New Relic AI Monitoring?

As AI apps get more complex, stay a step ahead.

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Set up fast and easily.

New Relic agents include all AI monitoring capabilities—no new instrumentation needed.

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Find and fix issues faster.

Instantly visualize your entire AI stack from apps to infra to AI layer in one place.

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Optimize your AI workloads.

Gain instant insights into LLMs for more accurate latency testing, improved response times, and better cost tracking.

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Enable responsible use of AI.

Ensure safe and responsible AI with response traces to mitigate bias, toxicity, and hallucination.

Bugs can’t hide from complete AI-stack visibility.

  • View a summary of AI metrics, including response time, quality, tokens, APM golden signals, and infrastructure. 
  • Isolate problems faster with a holistic view of your AI stack on one screen. 
  • Use built-in integrations for models like OpenAI, vector data like Pinecone, and frameworks like LangChain.
AI Monitoring summary page. Includes closeup of total requests, average response time, and average token usage.
Screen with response waterfall showing request duration and tokens used by operation.

Rest assured in your AI model’s quality and reliability.

  • Get a consolidated view of all model responses with in-depth insights to quickly identify outliers. 
  • Ensure quality by seeing the entire trace from prompt to response, including user feedback
  • With complete visibility, easily spot and solve issues like bias, hallucination, and toxicity.

Keep your AI app performance high and costs low.

  • Easily monitor and control costs by tracking request tokens used and setting custom alerts.  
  • Quickly compare different models for cost, performance, and quality—all in one view. 
  • Analyze the prompts and responses generated by models for speed, accuracy, and cost impact.
Product screen of response overview showing total requests, and average response time.
Individual working on their computer with layered dashboard graphics in the foreground

Ensure safe, responsible AI.

  • Build trust by ensuring responses are accurately tagged and free from bias, toxicity, or hallucinations.
  • Ensure data privacy and security while monitoring by dropping sensitive data or opting out of sending prompts/response from New Relic.
  • Keep your AI ecosystem safe from misuse or malicious attacks with New Relic Vulnerability Management.

Upgrade model performance with ML monitoring.

  • Get instant visibility into all your models with out-of-the-box performance dashboards.  
  • Easily track model predictions and drift with at-a-glance view.  
  • Reduce alert noise and resolve issues faster with New Relic alerts and applied intelligence.
Layered dashboard graphics

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