New Relic Digital Customer Experience

Patience is thin. Attention spans are short. Yet the digital landscape is littered with poor delivery during key moments—from Black Friday outages and livestream lags to social media firestorms and launch day crashes.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Discover the ways New Relic can help you keep your digital customers happy.

New Relic Digital Customer Experience
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Clarity for your digital customer experiences

Customer relationships are built upon a complex chain of technologies working behind the scenes. The entire chain must work flawlessly or your customers will leave—and your business will suffer. New Relic gives you visibility for every piece of this chain, so you can be sure your end-user experiences are delightful.

The five pillars of a perfect digital customer experience

(and how New Relic performance monitoring helps you achieve them)


Your service needs to work the first time, and every time. If it crashes, loads slowly, or runs choppy—your customer is gone.

Proactive monitoring and alerts from New Relic can help you catch errors before your customers do. Constantly test and simulate real user flows across all digital touchpoints, so you can ensure an error-free experience.


The battle for attention is fierce. Your digital experiences need to be snappy and immediately engaging.

New Relic helps you monitor, troubleshoot, and boost performance—from your applications and infrastructure to the frontend and mobile. Drill into errors, fix them quickly, and repeat as you continue to optimize with each new release.


With sky-high consumer demands, your team and systems need to be agile enough to quickly evolve, so you can keep up with the latest developments and deliver.

Use New Relic as part of continuous delivery and DevOps processes to collaborate more effectively. You can roll out new features and product updates with intelligence, and speed recovery times when things go wrong.

Informed by Data

You need to be able to see how a new feature performed, or whether to expand a promo, or if you need to fine-tune an offering, and so on.

New Relic gives you powerful usage analysis capabilities—and then lets you visualize it easily, so even non-technical people can see what’s happening and make smart decisions for your business.


Does your mobile experience mesh with your browser experience? Make sure you can see and maintain consistency across all your digital touchpoints.

The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform lets you eliminate the data silos, bringing together performance data from your entire stack—from applications to infrastructure to customer experience.

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